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Welcome to - where you can gain the tools and expertise run a successful bulk email marketing campaign. Promote your business in style with HTML email newsletter templates, custom e-newsletter design and email campaign management tools used by email marketing professionals across the globe.
Email Marketing has been proven to be the most results- and cost-effective method of promotion. Our direct Email Marketing Software makes it easy and affordable for beginners and experts alike. Start Now Free Demo
Experience these powerful benefits by promoting your business through email marketing software.
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Increase Revenue & Profits

Create stunning email campaigns (using our newsletter templates or e-newsletter design) to drive traffic & sales through your website. Broadcast your message to thousands of contacts at the click of a button.
Build Your Contacts

Lower Cost, Higher Return

Email Marketing starts from less than 1c per contact. Compare this to the cost of any other form of marketing campaign - Email Marketing wins every time!
Build Your Contacts

100+ Email Marketing Features

Enjoy the features of enterprise-level email marketing software at a fraction of the cost!
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Works when you don't.

Your email marketing software will automatically send welcome messages, customer follow-ups, birthday greetings, scheduled e-courses and more!
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Measure Your Results

See what's working & what's not with Email Marketing Statistics & Google Analytics.
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Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating repeat business.
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Anti Spam Compliant

Ensure your email campaign doesn't get labelled as "junk". One click unsubscribe & double opt-in subscriber options will keep your emails anti-spam compliant.
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Don't forget the environment. Go Green!

Cut your usage of paper & materials used when printing newsletters & promtions. Using Email Marketing will save your time, money and environment!

Our goal is to make getting started with EmailMarketer as easy as possible. We can even manage your entire email campaign if needed!

Build Your Contacts

Custom Email Newsletter Design

Consistent branding throughout your promotions is a proven marketing essential. A custom designed email template will ensure your brand is positively reflected in each email campaign you send.
Build Your Contacts

Setting up your contacts

Don't have time to manually enter existing addresses? If you have an established contact list, Email Marketer will help you import it.
Email Campaign Analytics

Measure Your Progress

Email Marketer's comprehensive Email Campaign Analytics will track and summarise all conversions, from click to complete!
Website Integration

Website Integration & Design Assistance

As an Email Marketer, you have the backing of Online Visions, an established Brisbane Web Design agency who can assist you with website integration, paid opt-ins, online e-courses, e-books and other downloadable products.

There are many email marketing products and HTML email templates out there. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Email Marketer.

  • 1 Proudly Australian Owned & Operated.
  • 2 Low cost - you can get started with EmailMarketer from as little as $17.95 per month
  • 3 No lock-in contracts or cancellation fees - if you sign up to EmailMarketer and decide it's not for you then you can cancel your account anytime without any penalties.
  • 4 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 5 Full Access to ALL Email Campaign Software Features
  • 6 No limitations to how many contact lists you can have or contacts you can store.
  • 7 Never pay for an email you don't send.
  • 8 Promote multiple brands using the 1 account (ideal for people with multiple businesses)
  • 9 Ongoing Support & User References We have a dedicated Support Centre at - including Online Helpdesk & Email Technical Support, User-Guide and Easy to Follow tutorials.
  • 10 We don't just sell software. We can help you with design, email campaign analytics or even run your marketing campaigns for you. EmailMarketer is a product of Brisbane web design company Online Visions, who can help integrate email marketing into your website.

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